Thursday, February 18, 2010

Left over buttercream

Everytime, I make a kids' cake I end up with buttercream in all the colours of the rainbow. I could make cupcakes and frost them with the different coloured buttercream. Knowing my luck I would have just enough pink buttercream for one cupcake and then my daughters would end up fighting over it. To solve that problem, I just mix them all together and yes I end up with buttercream that looks totally unappetizing. Then I add melted chocolate to it and turn it into chocolate buttercream. Now everyone's happy :)


  1. Such a good idea. You should(n't) see all of the little dabs on buttercream in my freezer!

  2. They are so festive! I had no idea it was possible to do such a thing. Very clever chocolate tip.

  3. Great idea, Rozanne! Absolutely genuis.

    So, are those left over from a recent cake? May we see it? pretty please?

  4. Thanks everybody :)
    Julie, sadly I don't have a picture of that cake. If I get one, I'll definitely post it.

  5. HA - now that's a great solution!


  6. What a neat trick! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thank you ButterYum and Hanaâ! I'm glad you liked my idea :)

  8. Random question for you, since you seem so knowledgeable regarding buttercream, how long can I keep shortening based buttercream, if it's in the refridgerator?
    also, how long can a butter based buttercream stay outside of the fridge?


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