Monday, March 1, 2010

Lemon Poppy Seed Sour Cream Cake

I am seriously late with this bake-through recipe. I baked it on time, just neglected to post it.

This was a pretty easy cake to put together. I reduced the poppyseeds to 40g. The cake was very good but it was the syrup that did it (for me). I also liked the contrast in texture that the poppyseeds added.

My husband loved the cake and so did our neighbours. One of our neighbours said it actually tasted like lemon unlike the lemon poppyseed muffins she buys. She said her first thought was "oh, so this is how it's supposed to taste".


  1. We loved this one too! I'll definitely be making it again!!!


  2. Glad it was a big hit! Same here. My fav non-choc cake of the book so far. Your cake's texture looks spot-on, btw. Great job!

  3. i liked the cake too! :) Your bundt cake looked so neat and smooth! :)

  4. R, beautiful cake with a nice crust! Did you use baker's joy on the pan? Or something else? I would like a slice now, please!

  5. Thank you ButterYum, Hanaâ, Faithy and Julie.
    Julie, yes, I used Baker's Joy. I really like it a lot but sadly it's not available in Canada :(


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