Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bernachon Palets d'Or Cupcakes

This is my absolute favourite chocolate cake. It's so moist, chocolatey and can be made in next to no time. Perfect for when my daughters want a chocolate cake NOW :)

I have made this glaze quite a few times. Ever since I first made it for my mother's b'day, everyone wants this glaze. It's so amazing.

Check out the wedding cake Rose made for Marie's daughter's wedding. She's the luckiest girl ever :)


  1. So pretty, Rozanne! I could just eat one now, if I wasn't trying to lose weight!!!!! Jeannette.

  2. Beautiful Cupcake Rozanne. Shiny glaze with the dots playing off of it.
    That it is your favorite chocolate cake and easy to make puts it to the top of the to do list. At least to try list. Did you use a ganache between the cake and the glaze? How many cupcakes did you get? The glaze is most striking. Your comfort level with making it shows. Lovely!

  3. I'm so glad you made these into cupcakes. I wondered how they would turnout. I love the look of your's with the pretty little balls. What are they?

  4. Rozanne, they're so elegant! I love the little colored balls, just perfect. May I have one now, please???

  5. Thank you Jeannette.

    Dar, if you haven't tried this cake, you MUST try it :)
    My kids were helping me and I have no idea how many cupcakes we ended up with. They were not uniform in size. Sorry! The next time I make them, I'll keep a track of it.

    Vicki, the little balls are from India Tree.

    Thank you Julie, your cupcake is on it's way :)

  6. " . . . everyone wants this glaze . . ." Well I am no exception!!! This cake was not successful for me and can't wait to try it again with your recommendation - and the Glaze! These cupcakes look adorable.

  7. YUMMY!! I have to try this....for the next Free Choice..

  8. Thank you Joan and Faithy :)
    Please try this chocolate cake. It is absolutely fabulous!


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