Monday, October 5, 2009

Hungarian Jancsi Torta

My very first cake from the bake-through. It was simple to put together - just 5 ingredients. It doesn't get any simpler than this. It does have a few steps that you have to get done, like toasting the nuts, grinding them etc. But all in all, it's very easy to make. Thank you Marie for picking this to be the first cake.

My pan was only 2 1/2" high so I wrapped the inside with parchment paper as suggested by Rose. It baked up nice and high but on cooling it sunk a little in the middle. Normally I would have panicked and obssessed over what on earth I did wrong. Not with Rose's recipes, because she tells you exactly what to expect. So there are no surprises.......only good ones. I served it with raspberry puree as I didn't have any sour cherry preserves on hand.

I only had one problem with this cake. I COULD NOT STOP eating it. I could have eaten the whole cake. I have no willpower. Don't pass judgement on me. Make this cake and you'll see what I'm talking about. The texture was light and airy. It was like eating little bits of a cloud.

My husband and kids loved it too. They had more than one piece each and that says a lot.They are my biggest fans and also my biggest critics. We shared this cake with one of our neighbours who is allergic to wheat and so this was the perfect cake. Everyone commented on the contrast in textures.

I'm looking forward to the next one :)


  1. Rozanne - very nice picture! I love the part where you said the problem is you can't stop eating it. Isn't that the case for Rose's recipes? :)

  2. Your cake looks great. Although I haven't baked this cake yet, I can only imagine how wonderful it is. I've made a couple cakes from the Cake Bible that were "foam cakes", meaning they get their leavening power from the air beaten into the eggs instead of chemical leavening, and they were great too.

  3. Fantastic job Rozanne!!!!! I LOVE your photo! I might have to try my second piece with a drizzle of Raspberry Puree - great idea!

  4. Thank you Jenn, Hanaâ and Patricia!
    Jenn, you are right. Everytime I make one of Rose's recipes I end up eating more than I should.
    Hanaâ, you MUST try this recipe soon. It is so good.
    Patricia, it was really good with the raspberry puree. I want to try your mascarpone ganache. Sound yummy.

  5. It's a good thing I haven't baked this cake yet because from the looks of it, like you, I don't think I could stop eating it. Waiting for my book so I can start baking with the Heavenly Cake Bakers. Nice job on your post.

  6. Rozanne, beautiful job on the Jansci torte! And congratulations on starting your blog, I'm looking forward to reading it. -Julie

  7. Faithy, yes it was delicious with the raspberry puree.
    Thank you sugar chef and Julie.

  8. Rozanne - This morning I woke up lamenting not having a 9 x 3" springform pan to make 3 of the cakes. I called Williams Sonoma and they didn't. I didn't want to use 2.5 for fear I would do the parchment or wrapping wrong. So I stopped by here, and not only do I find out about a recipe I needed to do to catch up with the group, but I found out that you had used the 2 1/2" with no problem. My worry was about seepage from the bottom, but maybe the water bath will take care of that. So today I will make this delectable-looking cake, inspired by you. Thank you. joan


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