Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Cake sans Silk Meringue Burnt Orange Buttercream

I was looking forward to making this cake simply because I had never made the Silk Meringue buttercream. This was the perfect opportunity to make it. Besides, my kids were invited to a Halloween party. Guess who had to bring the cake? All my plans went awry when my three year old daughter decided to make contact with a cold virus. Now, if you have kids you know what it's like with a sick kid in the house. Everything comes to a screeching halt. No matter how old they are, they need /want very high doses of "Mommy". Mommy medicine is the only cure. This meant I had no time to make the buttercream :( Mousseline it was. I had a batch in the freezer, coloured it orange and used it.

The cake was not difficult to make. I didn't have any walnut oil so I used all safflower oil.

The cake tasted amazing. The spices were just the right amount and not too over-powering. The next time I make it, I will definitely use the walnut oil because I am curious to know what it should really taste like.

I used fondant to make the leaves, stem and tendrils. The little pumpkins are candies.


  1. Your cake looks perfect and you did it all with a sick child, not an easy task. Love the colors in your fondant leaves, great job.

  2. Love how you decorated the cake! Hope your daughter recovers quickly from her cold!

  3. Your cake looks perfect Rozanne, you're a clever lady! I know my limitations and I would be scared to try this one! Did you have to buy the specially shaped tin to make this?

  4. Thank you Sugar Chef, Faithy and Jeannette. Yes, it was a challenge but worth it. The kids were so excited about it. My daughter is better now :)
    Jeannette, yes I bought the Nordic Ware 3D pumpkin pan. You could make it in a 10 cup bundt pan as well. Give it a try. It's really good.

  5. Rozanne, what a beautiful pumpkin cake! I'm thoroughly impressed that you were able to accomplish this while also providing "Mommy medicine". Perhaps someday in the not-too-distant future we can both find the time and occaision for the silk meringue buttercream. -Julie

  6. Thank you Julie. I tell you "Mommy medicine" is the most powerful cure :)
    I would love to do the silk meringue with you. You can be my mentor.

  7. What a lovely cake! And with a sick child, too!

    Yeah, Mommy medicine is the best.

    I used the walnut oil and I think it added a bit of a "nutty" taste to the cake. Subtle, but nice.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. I think you could be Rose's stand-in. Beautiful! Considering you have a sick child to take care of, make that beautiful times two!!!

  9. Thank you Barbara and Hanaâ. I appreciate your kind words :)

  10. wow, your cake looks amazing! I too have a 3 year old... they definitely love mommy when they're sick! hope she's feeling better

  11. I'm so sorry I'm just now seeing this post. What a fantastic job you did Rozanne!!! Your pumpkin is stunning! And I really love the little candy pumpkins all around the base. What a fantastic job!!!

    Love your comment about Mommy Medicine too - so true!

    Did you use the pumpkin cake pan Rose suggested?

    I give your project an A+


  12. Thank you Rebecca and Vicki.
    Thanks for the A+ ButterYum :) Yes, I used the pan that Rose recommended. I hadn't planned on buying it but when the invitation for the Halloween party came along I decided to get it.


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